Friday, March 27, 2009

Vengeful Progress

Overall it's been a good day. Vengeance of the Ghost is now three chapters and growing. Knaben is still moving along, though I'm still on the second chapter. It was supposed to be a quick set up chapter, but it won't let me do it that way. Too much stuff keeps happening.

So far this month, Shadow of the Ghost has sold 40 kindle copies. Raising the price at the end of the month will probably kill a lot of sales, but I did it as a one month introductory thing and I intend to stick with that plan.

It has been raining here again these last couple days, but it is not my fault. That rain song on the Silk Road CD has not been played in quite some time. I've been listening to Jeff Beck, David Bowie and some early 60s stuff that I like recently. Today, I did play Silk Road (can't do any more damage since it's already raining). My two favorite tracks are the last two on the CD: Eva's Polka (from Finland) and Mozart's Dies Irea. The arrangement for the Mozart composition is awesome. It is best played at maximum volume.

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  1. Hi. Your blogging rate seems to be increasing with the advent of springtime... I like. Mine's apparently stalled.

    Was just checking around online before sitting down to read for awhile... :) Heading into Ky's keep on p.149 after his reunion with Stan, which was very touching. I was a little confused because I thought the previous temple scene was the one you'd mentioned. That was a great sequence. I like the way the journal entries tend to echo what's just happened as the characters read them - kinda like foreshadowing inside out! and the "Little One slurs the truth" comment did have me laughing out loud.

    oh, btw, Knaben sounds really cool. Love stories that combine different genres like that.