Monday, March 30, 2009

Children and their demands...

Before I get into tonight's topic, I want to pass on a great blog which has some wonderful in-depth tutorals on writing. You'll find it here: The World of Secramore Blog

Now, on to the children. As a writer, I have lots of children that live within my imagination and come out to make my stories come to life. Some are young, some old. Some hang around for a long time. Others make a brief appearance then fade away. Up until now, managing these children has been easy. Granted while working with one or two, the others would want to come out and play as well. This was fine since they all fit into the same story.

At the moment, I'm working on two stories. My children are separated by different worlds and plot-lines. They have also become rather greedy for my attention. While working on one story, the children from the other come barging out of their universe demanding that I go to them, nurture them and work on their story. Today was Vengeance of the Ghost day for me. That's what I had planned anyway and I forced my way through it in spite of all the distractions caused by kaben nine and his friends.

Usually, I can utter a mental 'Yeah, yeah," push them back to their corner and procede with what I'm doing. Today was an exception to that rule. Kaben nine is very excited about starting his first task. He tortured me all day trying to find out what it would be. To make matters worse, a minor character in his story, kaben seven, is demanding his own spin-off novel.

Here it is, the end of my day, and I can say that although the battle was roughly fought, I won. Chapter four of Vengeance is written. Tomorrow it's back to the other story. I'm sure Simon, Arienna and Ky will have their turn at trying to tug me away into their realm. It's one of the pleasures of writing two stories at once, I guess. It most definitely makes for interesting writing sessions.

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  1. I understand completely when dealing with "children" (no matter the age). Today, I taught a martial arts class with 4 teenage assistant instructors and 50 junior belts ranging from newly-turned four-year-olds to 13 year olds acting like four-year-olds! I was by myself, but I think the students enjoyed the class. They were actually pretty well behaved all things considered.