Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New story conquered, sort of, Legacy continues...

After a battle that lasted close to a week or two, the new story has been deligated to keeping up while I try to sleep nights. Sleep is somewhat overrated anyway. At this time, only one chapter remains to be written and Legacy will be finished and ready for the editting sessions.

Samaya suggested I attempt writing both stories at once. I am seriously considering that option when I start Vengeance. The two stories should be easy to keep apart. The new one has only two main characters, one of which is support and guidance. The conflict characters will appear for one or two chapters and then change. At this point, there will be thirteen tasks the main character must complete. Other than that, the only other thing I can say now is that it will not be epic fantasy. As a matter of fact, I have no clue what genre it would fall into.

Vengeance is the completion of the Lord of Chaos trilogy. All the characters (and there are a few) are familiar and only one needs to be fully fleshed out. Simon will grow a lot in the last book. I'm looking forward to delving into the mess I created with Legacy.

While these stories are occupying my mind, I'm reading Ravenshade by C.S. Marks. It's the third installment of her Alterra trilogy and is quite good. I highly recommend the entire series.

Last week, I received the new DVD and CD by the Wiener Sängerknaben: Songs Along the Silk Road and Time. Both are excellent. The DVD tells about the choir and shares the culture, through song, that is found along the Silk Road. It runs just over 2 hours and every minute is worth watching. The CD contains 25 tracks featured in the film. They range from church classics, to ley classics, to folk songs one could hear along the Silk Road. It's interesting that I've listened to it almost constantly for the last five days (excluding today) and every day I've played the CD it rained. I blame the song Sus Xâtin which is an Uzbek rain song. According to the film, it worked in Austria, the Caraco Desert, and the studio where they filmed the song. Apparently, it works in Virginia as well. You can only get the DVD and CD from the shop on the WSK official page:

It's well worth the acquiring!

More later.


  1. Hi Tanner! Guess who? Jen from KTT! ;) Good to see you here as well!!

  2. So excited that Legacy is almost finished! Yay!

    I wonder if, even when 2 stories are totally separate, if they each end up affecting the way one thinks about the other. Hmmm. The new one sounds interesting... sort of an episodic theme?

    the Vienna Boys Choir and songs of the Silk Road?? not a pairing that would have occurred to me - sounds very different! no Uzbek rain songs here, thank you, wishing for the mud to go away so I can cross my yard without sinking.

  3. Tanner,
    You must be so excited. Coming close to the end of a story is like the biggest high ever...which is weird because it is also depressing.

    Good luck with attempting two stories at the same time. It's fun and it keeps the juices flowing. Just be careful of muscle memory. Names and such that you frequently use are going to pop up every once in a while. ;-)


    I answered the comment you posted, but I'm not sure yet how it works here on Blogger and whether or not the poster can actually see it. *sigh*