Monday, March 23, 2009

Chordless Chaos...rambling thoughts

For the first time in about a year I picked up one of my guitars today. I don't know which was rustier, my fingers or the strings on the guitar. Regardless I messed around a little. I'm trying to come up with some music to make a trailer of Shadow and Legacy. What I would truly like to produce is a cross between Jeff Beck and Robert Fripp. Granted it would be ten or fifteen years before I could as well as either of them, but for my purposes I'd like to create something that could be as creative as some of their music.

Then I have to decide whether to add anything with the guitar. For rhythm, I have Band in the Box though I haven't figured out how to change time signatures with that program yet. Basically what I'd have to do is create three or four seperate pieces then edit them together. After that I would get out my keyboard and 4 track recorder (which has a nifty little punch-in button that would get LOTS of use).

If all of this mess produces something usable, then I'd have to decide what to say (or text) in the trailers. My marketing skills are nil. I'm really rather at a loss on how to approach these books. I could focus on Ky, Lord of Chaos as he is the main character in the trilogy, but that would leave out an awful lot of the story. I'm afraid it would also mislead possible readers who see it and expect Ky to be the central focus for the whole thing.

I guess I should just concentrate on finishing Vengeance and leave the trailer thing alone. Even if I did manage the music and text, then I would have to worry about the visual portion. That's a nightmare I don't really want to get into.

At least I did have fun with the guitar.

The 'other' story is just about ready to be started. The parts that have been tormenting me had no reason or society behind them. Over the past few days, I've not been writing anything. I've been letting my subconscious work through things for me. I'm really happy with what is developing.

Tomorrow, I will write the first chapter or two of Vengeace and start on the 'other' story. It has a working title of Knaben at the moment. That may change depending on where the story takes me.

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  1. Hi Tanner,
    Marketing sucks on the most part, especially if you try to follow the "set rules" for them. If, on the other hand you just let your imagination flow, usually something decent will come up in the end...which then creates an entirely different kind of fun.
    Best thing to do is just play around a little, try different approaches, see what speaks "loudest" as it were.
    If ya want some input...for what it's worth, considering I'm still doing baby steps in marketing myself...send me a mail sometime and I'll give you a fair impression.
    Good luck