Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So much for plans...

After taking a couple days rest following the completion of Legacy, I forgot how the writing muse usually works, or doesn't work for that matter. Today's writing started with three very frustrating hours which yeilded two sentences of Vengeance. So much for spewing forth a chapter or two.

I minimized that project and decided to work on Knaben. This had much better results. The first chapter of this story is now complete and the basis for the rest of the story is laid out within it. I'm really looking forward to delving into what looks to be a fantasy that includes elements of historical fiction, PNR, SciFi, and a couple other things.

With the completion of the first chapter of Knaben, I returned to Vengeance which was a bit more cooperative this time. I've managed to complete the beginning of the first chapter. Now, unfortuneatley, my eyes feel like they are going to explode if I force them to stay open much longer, so I will continue the two stories tomorrow.

Shadow of the Ghost is performing quite well in kindle format. The 99 cent sale, which ends at the end of this month, seems to be picking me up a few more readers. So far, 27 kindle copies have sold this month. Paper versions are not faring as well. Since the iUniverse edition has come out, I've only sold 7 paperbacks. Hopefully, with the success of the kindle version, that will begin to change as word-of-mouth affects my sales record.

No music today. Tomorrow I think I'll take in some Jeff Beck tunes to make up for today's total lack of tunes.

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