Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blasted Muse...

It never fails. I go days without the slightest notion of how to sling two words together that make sense then the muse strikes. But the muse is not kind. It strikes after I've readied myself for sleep and have made myself comfortable. Then, while I'm counting little sheep, the story unfolds in my mind.

There was a time I would fight it; try to remember what the muse plants in my subconscience and struggle to get some rest. That is a losing battle. Now I know that I have to get up, go to the computer and start typing or there will be no peace whatsoever. The muse is going to keep me awake anyway. I may as well be productive rather than frustrated.

Tonight was one of those nights. Two hours ago, I was content with my new cover ideas and thinking some new thoughts for my back cover text while heading to sleep. Now, after frantically typing for the last hour and a half, I'm going to try again for some rest. Vengeance of the Ghost is a little farther along now. A few changes in one of the chapters I thought was done have been made as well. I will have to finish those changes tomorrow. Arienna was taking the story places I did now wish to go. So I put the wench in her place and changed it. (I believe you would catagorize Arienna as a Vixen, Amy.)

Anyway, guten Nacht, or rather guten Morgen. I'll post more as things continue to progress.


  1. May the muse be with you for as long as it need for I am sure you will mold its proddings into a wonderful adventure!

  2. Use it fast. Muses can be fickle creatures nonetheless. :-)