Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog Post # 25

25 is a kewl number. I guess I like it because it is a perfect square.


Something like that.

Vengeance and kaben are on hold this week. Legacy is taking up my brain cells with editing and the other stories are hiding, knowing their time will come.

I got an interesting question about Karnak. He is the thantor god in the Lord of Chaos Trilogy. He is also the leader of the Council of Darkness. He comes across as being very honorable, which he is. He is also very evil. The alignment of the characters in my story and, the way they lean as far as light and dark are concerned, is loosely based on the system set up in the early D&D role-playing game. The three basic alignments are good, neutral and evil. These are coupled with whether they are chaotic or lawful. Karnak falls in the 'lawful evil' catagory. He will honor his word, but usually will only give his word when it ultimately suits his own purposes. When the Council of Darkness decided to join The Nine, they, under Karnak's leadership decided it would be easier to follow along with what The Nine were doing, since they had a good start on things and were after the same goal, namely, stop Rachk'sha.

Some of the other characters and their alignments:
  • Ky: true chaotic. He has no good or evil tendancies and cares nothing for balance.
  • Simon: chaotic good.
  • Arienna: lawful evil
  • Archos: chaotic good
  • Fury: chaotic evil
  • Rachk'sha: neutral with evil tendancies
  • The Old Man (Tasenta-Somar) neutral with good tendancies
  • Delmaria: chaotic good
  • Selia: lawful good
  • Symplex: neutral good
  • Ky II: chaotic with some good tendancies
  • Tal: lawful good
  • Eleana: neutral with some evil tendancies
There are varying degrees of the alignments as well. Some will be more 'chaotic' than others of the same alignment. Most strive for some sort of balance as they feel they would be without purpose if their opposites are not around to make their lives interesting.

One band for tonight:

Queen: Sheer Heart Attack: I can find many songs on all the Queen albums that I like, but this one has always been the one I go to when I want a full album of pleasure. As with all Queen albums, there is a great deal of versatility scattered among the tracks. Favorite songs, just about all of them.

More later...


  1. :( i need to catch up.
    im glad this semester is nearing its end.

  2. I'm fascinated by this. The more I hear about D&D, the more interesting it sounds. I wish I knew someone around here to play with... I don't think I could manage joining a group sight unseen.

    Anyway, for some reason I'm still struggling with the concept of lawful evil. My understanding, is that you've said that Karnak's evil nature is based on the fact that his motivations are selfish. This is a good definition for evil in general, but I guess what trips me up is that some of his actions in the story seem to move beyond that. For instance, his offering to help train the kids... yes, it suits his purposes in that their skills will be used for a common goal, but the patience and respect with which he treats them seem to hint at something other than purely selfish evil.

    There are a lot of strands of thought to follow in this vein, but I can only seem to tug at one of them at a time...