Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Origins of Ky and his friends.

Many years ago, two friends and myself gathered around my small kitchen table and began rolling up characters for a game that looked interesting: Dungeons and Dragons. We had the basic rules, a few dice and a bit of imagination. One of my friends, the DM had a module he planned on taking us through.

The only character to survive those first forays into the game is Ky, although he went through several transformations over the years. The poor little elf had rotten luck with the dice. None of his stats were above 12. His starting money barely was enough to buy him a cheap sword, some rations and a water skin. I remember thinking he will probably be replaced as I got better at the game.

The kitchen table faded and we found ourselves in a small rural community looking for fame, fortune and a dragon to slay. What we found was a long-abandoned mansion standing amidst a graveyard. We were hired to deal with some strange occurances happening around the mansion.

Ky's luck kicked in as we progressed through the adventure. He was very good at sneaking around and scouting and would sometimes find himself in place to attack the viscious skeletons and zombies from behind.

Originally, we sought our adventures on a monthly basis. As time passed, we were playing weekly and sometimes several times a week. Over the years, I've started many stories about Ky and his friends, like Symplex, Archos, Taelann and Daelann. This year I finally completed one of them. Shadow of the Ghost is the result.

I am currently working on the sequel (book 2 of 3).


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