Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ky's family tree...

Ky's parents are Maker, the supreme diety of the four universes, and The Lady, the surpeme goddess of the universe the story takes place in. Ky has one older brother, Simon. Due to the time Simon spent in The Garden, Ky passed him in age.

After Ky's exile from the Eldar elves, he encountered a ghost family. The daughter, Illya, and Ky conceived a child which Illya named Little Ky. This conception resulted from a mixing of several magicks. Shortly after Little Ky's inheritance, the child was attacked and ripped to shreds. Ky spent most of his pre-Lord of Chaos life trying to find a way to bring Little Ky back to life. This path led him and his friends to replace the former gods of their planet. Unfortunately, the memories of their former lives were stripped from them when they became gods.

In the process of destroying the former gods, Ky killed the twin of Laena. Laena sought revenge and traveled the pathways of the gods in search of Ky. She ended up in Chaos with no memory of her purpose. Ky found her and decided to help her spirit become complete by magically giving her a daughter. This was done with the aid of Archos.

The result of this conception was the intended daughter, Eleana and two brothers, Tal and Ky II. Ky, being locked in childhood by his exile, left the raising of the triplets to Laena and the other members of The Nine. Shadow of the Ghost tells the story of how Ky and his friends regain their memories and the struggle with Karn-Rachk'sha as a result.

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