Thursday, November 19, 2009

More updates...

Vengeance of the Ghost is progressing well. I'm currently working on the first death of the story. I'm hoping to have that crispy corpse as well as the rest of Chapter 10 finished tonight.

Shadow of the Ghost will be republished via CreateSpace very soon. The best part of this is that the price will be reduced considerably.

GenCon Indy 2010: At this time, it looks like I will be found on Author's Avenue at GenCon Indy next August. I will have the entire Lord of Chaos trilogy with me as well. Depending on my inspiration, kaben nine may be there also. My first priority is to complete Vengeance so kaben may not make it by then.

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  1. yay for being back in progress. i hope to catch up soon. winter break is fast approaching and i HOPE to get some much needed reading in, between training and work of course. and this time i'm really going to read. i'll prove it. no distractions :)
    so...what's this about gencon indy...?? just attending this event? or moving out there? lol