Monday, July 13, 2009

The hypnotizing cursor...

I write using Writer and I'm sure other computer word processing programs are the same, or at least similar. As the program waits for me to add words, it has a vertical black line that flashes to show me where these words will appear. Most of the night, I sat hypnotized by this little black vertical line with no words to introduce to it. Finally, after a bit of a fight, I put a close on Chapter 7 of Vengeance of the Ghost. I'm not at all happy with the words that finally got placed there, but it allowed me to move on. So, Chapter 8 got it's start tonight. I've set this 1,000 word a day quota for Vengeance, and so far I've been able to do that. Today's total: 1,100.

All the while I was fighting the end of Chapter 7, kaben nine was being a good little boy and hanging quietly in his torture chamber. I'm not sure if he knew he would formally meet his target for the first task tonight and was delaying it, or if he just wanted to be like the other story and be stubborn. Regardless, his story progressed as well.

The price of Legacy of the Ghost has finally dropped to $11.99 which I am very happy with. It's much better than the price of Shadow.

One final note, as of today, I've seriously started pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. I really love math and upper level math teachers seem to be the only type with any demand in this less than wonderful economy. Before I begin, I think it best to take a refresher in pre-calculus and calculus. I'm looking forward to that.

More later,


  1. 1) a question: are you guys selling legacy outside of amazon like you did with shadow? or must i fetch a credit card to purchase the book?? :)

    2) a statement: i like the "one final note" paragraph. sounds cool. :)

  2. Congratulations with amazon! and, good luck with Calculus! Just the other day, I was in a bookstore and completely got distracted by the physics workbooks. I had told my friends (who had patiently waiting over an hour for me) that I miss studying science and math. Aside from the analytizing language, physics and the mathematical patterns that surround us has always been a passion. I know you will do well!